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Designed like the 19th century Bengal’s Zamindari Bungalows which were traditionally referred to as “Thakur Baris” or “Raj Baris” in Bengali, the Garden Bungalow rests amidst the expanse of a 3- acres garden that is ordained by exotic trees, creepers and shrubs. The Bungalow is further embellished by lotus ponds which serve as its back- side, evoking the sense of nostalgia and tranquility associated with rural Bengal as often depicted in Tagore’s works.

Surrounded by the sprawling garden and the ponds, this four- suit Bungalow is just a few meters away from the ravines, popularly known as Khowai, of Shantiniketan. The interiors of the Garden Bungalow are tastefully furnished with antiques, collected over time from all across Bengal, each telling of its own unique history. All the suits open up to bright verandah and terrace which are perfect for the one looking for a travel inwards, within one’s own self. The Garden Bungalow with its elating ambiance brings to the guests a journey where they can discover themselves and attain meaningful experiences and inner peace.

Our endeavour at the Garden Bungalow is to provide our guests with an experience of the rich architectural heritage wrapped in natural tranquillity and simplicity that the colonial rural Bengal proudly boasted of. The Garden Bungalow is an excellent get- away from the congested hub of cities and towns and is a serene entry into nature’s lap, where call of birds and rustling of trees in the fragrant breeze are the only sounds to be heard in the peaceful ambiance of Shantiniketan. So, If you are looking for the Best Homestay in Shantiniketan, then, The Garden Bungalow is the right destination where you will get the best options to spend quality time.

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The Garden Bungalow, together with a Mud- House and several installations standing in the lush green garden is a soothing blend of the efforts of a sculptor, a painter and a gardening enthusiast, all three vastly varying in their thoughts surrounding the ideal essence of Shantiniketan and about Tagore’s legacy.

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