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Bengali: Four Pooris/ Loochi, Dum Aloo /Ghoogni /Vegetable curry, one sweet
item, Tea/Coffee- Rs 150
Continental: Four Toasts, Boiled eggs/Omelette/Sunny Side up (comprising of
two eggs), Jam, Butter, One fruit, Tea/Coffee: Rs 150


Basmati Rice: Rs 120 per plate
Dal: Rs 120 per plate
Vegetable Curry: Rs 150 per plate
Aloo Posto (Preparation made of Potatoes and Poppy seeds): Rs 240 per plate
Egg Curry (Two Pieces): Rs 150 per plate
Chicken Curry (Four pieces): Rs 300 per plate
Mutton Curry (Four Pieces): Rs 450 per plate
Fish Curry (One piece): RS 150 per plate
Fish Fry (One Piece): Rs 120
Omelette (Made of two eggs): Rs 75 per plate

Chapati/Roti: Rs 12 per piece
Plain Paratha: Rs 30 per piece
Tomato Chutney: Rs 90 per serving
Potato Fries: Rs 150 per plate
Green Salad: Rs 60 per plate
Sweets: Depends on the item being served.


Paneer pakora (six pieces): Rs 180 per plate
Veg Pakora (Six Pieces): Rs 150 per plate
Chicken Pakora (Six Pieces): Rs 210 per plate
Onion Pakora (Six Pieces): Rs 150 Per plate
Egg Pakora (Six Pieces): Rs 180 per plate
French Fries (Quarter plate): Rs 150 per serving

Note: We also serve Chinese dishes. Kindly confirm availabilities at the

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