Information for your stay at The Garden Bungalow

Terms and conditions:
Rights of admission reserved.

  • Pictures depicted in the website might differ from the actual rooms and other amenities/facilities
  • It is mandatory for all guests to present their valid identity cards at the time of check-in. Driving licenses and Pan Cards will not be accepted. International guests must present their valid passport and visa.
  • The management is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings of the guests during their stay at The Garden Bungalow.
  • The management will not be responsible for any physical or mental injury or ailment caused to the guests during their stay at The Garden Bungalow.
  • Parking is completely at owner’s risk.
  • The management is not responsible for offering any service/facility outside the premises of The Garden Bungalow nor is it responsible for any situation, whatsoever faced by guests outside the premises.
  • All advances made for bookings are Non-refundable. In case of any cancellation from the end of the guests, the guests may choose an alternative date for check in within a period of one year from the date cancellation. Please note that the request for rescheduling the check in date is totally dependent upon availability of rooms in the hotel on those dates. Cancelled Booking dates will not be rescheduled on dates between 20th December to 20th January and Holi dates.
  • After receiving an advance, the management can cancel bookings at any point of time. In case of any cancellation from the side of the management, the management will provide full refund. However, the management will not be responsible for relocating the guests.
  • Room Tariff cannot be altered after confirmation of booking regardless of the number of guests who arrive for check in
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the lounges of the property.
  • Pets are strictly not allowed.
  • Plucking fruits and flowers in the garden are strictly not allowed. Management has the authority to levy a fine on individuals found doing so.
  • Charges for extra beddings apply.
  • The management has the right to expel guests from the premises for unacceptable and criminal activities/behaviour.
  • Damage caused to any belonging of the hotel needs to be paid for at the time of check out. The management has the rights to withhold the belongings of the guests who do not comply.
  • It is requested that guests keep their children under supervision. The Bungalows are furnished with several fragile and irreplaceable items. Furnishings damaged by children will be charged for.
  • In case guests are accompanied with children with bedwetting issues, the management must be informed as to enable the management to make proper provisions. Any damage caused to the beddings due to bedwetting will be charged for.
  • Playing with any kind of outdoor sports accessory inside the buildings is strictly prohibited. Services like arranging fire place, calling cabs, car wash, laundry services etc are completely dependent upon availability of human resource and goods.

Services, Prices and Timings:

  • Bar facility is not offered but we allow Personal Liquor, which however needs to be consumed strictly inside the respective rooms of the guests. Members of the management will not assist any guest in procuring liquor
  • Drivers and Helpers accommodation charges do not include complimentary breakfast unless specified as per special cases.
  • Check-in is at 2PM and Check-out is at 12Noon
  • Stay beyond check-out time is chargeable.
  • The order for lunch and dinner needs to be placed latest by 9.00 am.
  • The order for breakfast for the following day has to be placed by 10.00 pm of the present day.
  • Any order for Snacks needs to be placed by 1:00 pm
  • Lunch timing is tentatively from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm.
  • Dinner timing is tentatively from 8.30pm to 10.00 pm.
  • Breakfast timing is tentatively from 9.30 am to 10.30 am.
  • Gates of the premises close latest at 11 pm and open at 6am. In case guests wish to enter or exit in between these hours, the management needs to be informed in advance.
  • All services including the reception conclude at 10.00 pm. Services resume at 8.00 am.
  • Emergency services are available round the clock.
  • All the above-mentioned timings might not be flexible.
  • Requests for serving food items other than those mentioned in the menu card might not be accepted.

About the Property:

  • The Mud Villa, being made of earthen walls around twenty inches in thickness, has a naturally insulating construction which keeps it warm in winters and cool in summers. Therefore, The Mud Villa is not airconditioned with electrical appliances as it does not require any nor can the mud walls support any. The first floor of The Mud Villa is made of wood and therefore sight vibrations can be felt from the rooms on the ground floor.
  • The Bungalows are a part of our Eco-Heritage project. Thus, the configuration of the rooms and the bathrooms are very different from regular hotels. The Bathrooms in The Garden Bungalow are located adjacent to each room. Each unit comprising of the room and the bathroom has an entrance covered by a Kashmiri partition.
  • Therefore, there are three entrances per unit: one is the main entrance covered by a partition; second is the room which has its own separate door; third is the bathroom with its separate door. Furnished are pictures which explain the configurations of the rooms and the bathrooms. Please Find Them.
  • The Mud villa rooms have their individual private bathrooms adjacent to each room and guests need to move out of their rooms to avail them.
  • None of the Bathrooms are common/ sharing bathrooms.
  • In order to preserve the old-world charm of the properties no major modifications have been made even after they have been converted to hotels. Owing to the same reasons, the property is not furnished with any lifts, elevators or escalators.
  • So as to ensure a genuine experience of rural Bengal and as a part of our social responsibility, Guests are hosted by people belonging to the ethnic tribal and peasant communities whose services are more heartfelt than professional. This offers an opportunity for enthusiastic travellers to explore the local culture. At the same time, the ethnic population gets an exposure to the cultures that the guests come from.
  • So as to does our bit towards the rural economy, several items in the inventory, like bed sheets, bed covers, pillow covers, blankets and Gamchas (Traditional Indian version of a towel, which is culturally offered in India as a token of respect) are procured directly from artisans and cooperatives, full of unique and beautiful patterns. Therefore, the decor of beds is atypical to that of corporate hotels.
  • As a part of our "Green Initiative" we do not use generators as they cause noise/air pollution. Instead we use battery backup. Therefore, air conditioners, geysers and other heavy electronics will not be available on power back up. Our holistic methods will substitute these facilities.
  • We do not offer televisions nor do we offer room heaters. Televisions used at loud volumes spoil the experience of other guests. Heaters and blowers ionise the air inside the room and make it poisonous to breathe. Instead of room heaters we offer extra blankets free of charge.
  • Any form of advance payment to confirm a booking or any such correspondence between guests and management through calls, e-mail, WhatsApp, messages or any other medium shall be regarded as a proof of the guests being aware of and agreeing to all the above information. Bookings made through travel agents will also be regarded as acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms.
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