Covid19 guidelines for your stay

Covid19 guidelines being followed by the staff at The Garden Bungalow

  1. Temperature check is being conducted on staff before they enter the premises of The Garden Bungalow. Temperature check of staff is done at regular intervals once inside the property.
  2. Mask and gloves are must for every staff and those in the Kitchen are being made to wear caps too.
  3. Each staff at The Garden Bungalow washes and Sanitises his/her hands at regular intervals.
  4. The cooking area and the dining hall are sanitised at regular intervals.
  5. Guests rooms are sanitised thoroughly immediately after the guests check out, along with change of linens.
  6. Common areas and the property in general is being sanitised at regular intervals.

Important information for guests with regard to Covid19.

  1. Guests are requested to cooperate with the staff at the entry and not alight from their vehicles before their thermal check is complete with a thermal gun by the staff at the entrance.
  2. Guests are requested to sanitise their hands once their thermal check is complete at he entrance.
  3. Guests are requested not to crowd around in the common areas and be patient for their turn at the dining hall as we are following social distancing norms and not allowing more than three tables to be occupied at a time.
  4. Owing our strict subscription to Covid19 guidelines, we are taking Lunch and Dinner orders one day in advance so that the staff do not need to frequent the markets. Since we do not serve frozen food to our guests, we request our guests to kindly cooperate.
  5. Room service for food is temporarily suspended.
  6. We are not accepting any cash in our attempt to avoid transmission of the virus. Thus, guests are requested to make online payments through Bhim app/Paytm/ account transfer. We also accept money through Payumoney and Paypal. We are accepting card payments.
  7. Please note that booking amounts are non-refundable.
  8. In case guests fall ill after making the booking, the management of The Garden Bungalow will not be liable for any refunds.
  9. Guests are requested to kindly check their health conditions before making any booking or coming over to the property. Guests found with temperatures higher than normal during the thermal check at the entrance shall be denied check in. Denial of check in will be applicable to the entire team even if only one guest might show Covid19 symptoms. No refund shall be offered in such cases.
  10. Guests are requested to kindly go through all the above guidelines before making any booking.
  11. Since this information is given in our official website, guests making payments for bookings will be considered aware of all the above guidelines and agreeing to them.
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