Designed like a very well ventilated Gallery, the Painter’s Retreat provides our Painters with a beautiful vignette of colours and scenery to behold. The very first step into the balcony evokes an overwhelming sense of nature’s bounty- the coral blue water of the Lotus Ponds look amply splashed with bright pink and various shades of green and the lush green leaves of the trees are laden with orange, yellow and red flowers.

While in the balcony, the Painter’s gaze would automatically meet the curving path paved by the rich red range- mati(red soil) which has hugely inspired poets and “Baul” singers in Bengal. The garden- installations in unison with the natural surroundings stand as if to pose for our Painters, creating for them a colorful world of marvel and inspiration. Make the most of your vacation by staying at one of our Premium Homestay in Santiniketan.


First Floor Room. Has a common Balcony. Has windows. Single continous room. Size: 500 sq ft. Three side open.


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