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5 Star Hotel in Shantiniketan

The Garden Bungalow - A 5 Star Homestay in Shantiniketan together with a Mud- House and several installations standing in the lush green garden is a soothing blend of the efforts of a sculptor, a painter, and a gardening enthusiast, all three vastly varying in their thoughts surrounding the ideal essence of Shantiniketan and about Tagore’s legacy. Relentless designing and re- designing of each aspect of the architecture and landscape, as well as lengthened debates, discussions and arguments over ten years, have gone into shaping the Garden Bungalow as it proudly stands today. The Garden Bungalow can be seen as an installation art, imagined and created by the trio.

The wood-carvings across the door panels and on the windows have been patiently crafted by wood- carvers of the Dinajpur district. The artistic imaginings and inputs of the trio also stay carved into the carvings that speak, yet again, of the perfect synthesis of traditional designs, extraordinary craftsmanship, and unconventional artistic imaginary.

The Garden Bungalow furnished with antiques including the shutter windows that have been collected from Zamindari Residencies and aristocratic houses across West Bengal. They, by their very presence, tell the tales of a bygone era and allow our guests to wander into Bengal’s aristocratic past.

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