Nestled in the niche of the Garden Bungalow, The Poet’s Recluse provides our poets with a fulfilling view of the lush green lawns that are graced by deciduous trees that provide both pleasure and privacy of a canopy. Located closest to the Lotus Ponds, with only a wall covered with lush green creepers in between, The Poet’s Recluse fills the senses with fragrant breeze felt right across the pond as the breeze reaches the poet, passing through the flowering trees. It allows a creative mind to explore its deeper emotional realm in the perfect ambiance and comfort. The Garden Bungalow being a Luxury Homestay in Shantiniketan offers the perfect tranquility.

Ground Floor Room. Comprises of Two Chambers and one Bathroom. Has windows. No balcony. Total area including the chambers and bathroom- 500 sq ft.

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